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Campo de Ourique hidden gems food and cultural ...
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Experience daily Lisbon life while visiting and eating your way through the Campo de Ourique neighborhood, in a morning of cultural immersion that will feed your curiosity and stomach!• You'll visit 7 unique local places like a food market, bakery, and restaurants while tasting more than 10 delicious and creative foods• 6 local drinks, including wines and craft beer, are included• Explore and sample food in the trendy neighborhood of Campo de Ourique, where the famous Tram 28 finishes its route• Communal food walk for 2 to 12 peopleAbout your host, Filipa: "I was born and raised in Lisbon and I’m a natural foodie! In love with food and Lisbon, I decided to create Taste of Lisboa Food Tours to show you the real Lisbon. During your walk, you’ll find me or one of my friends Madalena, Ana or Miguel."

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