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Spiegelau 3er Glasset / Geschenkset / Craft Bee...
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2er Craft Beer Geschenkset IPA & Stout & Weizen Lieferumfang: 1 Set bestehend aus 3 Gläsern Material: Kristallglas (brillant und klar) Erhöhte Bruchfestigkeit 100% spülmaschinenfest Indian Pale Ale Glas Abmessungen: Höhe:

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3 Hours Street Art Walking Tour in Newtown with...
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Eat your way through Newtown like a local and check out street art!Newtown is a truly diverse neighbourhood, and on this experience, you're going to see and taste a bit of everything. You'll start at a popular brewery for a shared tasting paddle or a glass of craft beer, while your guide gives you a run-down on Newtown's history, colourful characters and development.You'll then set off to sample some of Newtown's multicultural cuisine, with a minimum of 4 food stops included. Cuisine options include Egyptian, Indian, Pakistani, Turkish, Thai, Japanese, "Australian" and more! Vegetarian and vegans are sorted too - Newtown is famous for its many vegan-friendly restaurants. Your guide will point out some of the neighbourhood's best street art as you explore the area.You'll finish at a restaurant that embodies what the neighbourhood is all about and serves up delicious, unique cuisine. And there's always the option for a nightcap, with some excellent bars close by.

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